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1 Oct

Awareness raising day on Fluoride contamination for Scholars, Piave primary School, Nakuru (Kenya) 28th September 2018

On the occasion of the 2nd FLOWERED Regional Workshop, an awareness raising day for chidren, focusing on Fluoride contamination and solutions given by research was organized by the FLOWERED project in a primary school. About 60 children (30 girls – 30 boys), and 30 mothers were invited to participate to this event.

This event, moderated by Mrs Lilia Benzid, was organized in 4 major sessions. The Session 1, focusing on explanations and exchanges on Fluoride contamination, was animated by M Kupaza and Mrs Lilia Benzid (OSS), with the collaboration of Giorgio Ghiglieri. During the session, some description of contamination on: Animals, human, water, soil & vegetation has been given.

The Session 2 focused on where fluoride contamination is coming from. During the session, which was introduced by M Kupaza and Prof. Ghiglieri, some geological issues have been described, such as fluoride flow and contamination phenomenon ranging from volcanoes to mountain flanks, to the valley. 

The Session 3 focused on solutions to Fluoride contamination given by research and was introduced by M Kupaza and Alfredo Idini (UNICA). Several types of solutions were presented and discussed.

During the Restitution session, the kids welcomed about 30 mothers, and presented the works issued by each session. Some Mothers made comments and asked a few questions about solutions to remove Fluoride. Comics in Kiswahili and English summarizing the themes that were discussed during the day, were distributed to the whole participants.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°690378