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9 Nov

FLOWERED Researchers wins the World Water Challenge 2018 contest, 13th Sept 2018, Daegu - South Korea

Alfredo Idini, a graduated geologist of the Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences of the University of Cagliari, has participated at the "World Water Challenge 2018" (WWCH 2018, Daegu, South Korea) with an original idea and was selected among seven finalists.

The important result was achieved thanks to an innovative PhD scholarship with a period of internship and study abroad, closely connected to the Horizon2020 FLOWERED project.

The team of researchers is composed by Dr Idini, Prof Frau (professor of Mineralogy, tutor of the PhD candidate and supervisor of the WWCH 2018 proposal), Prof Ghiglieri (coordinator of the FLOWERED project), Dr Dore (FLOWERED researcher), and Dr Fancello (post doctorate at the University of Cagliari).

The "World Water Challenge 2018" is organized as part of the "Korea International Water Week 2018" (KIWW 2018,, an international event in which all the issues and opportunities related to water as a resource are analysed and discussed such as the responsible and sustainable water management and all issues linked to droughts, contamination and drinking water. The event involves over 16 thousand participants including government bodies from around the world, associations, NGOs, industries and the academic world and it is divided into numerous discussion tables, workshops, seminars, congresses and exhibitions. It is an important platform to share ideas and know-hows towards solving water issues around the world and to forge a broad network among water related experts and stakeholders.

The World Water Challenge is an international contest for water solutions. In the first phase, the participants are invited to indicate some issues and the most interesting ones are selected as "Challenges". The researchers participating to the contest propose solutions to these challenges. The second phase consists in the evaluation of the proposed solutions. Only the best ones have access to the "Final Round". The excess of fluoride in the water was selected among the six "Challenges" for this year. This environment-health issue concerns more than 300 million people in 25 countries.

The final round of the "World Water Challenge 2018" was held on 13th September 2018 in Daegu in South Korea. Dr. Idini has been officially invited to participate to the KIWW 2018 to present its proposed solution.

During the final round, each finalist presented his solution within its own "Challenge". At the end of each presentation, a jury of 10 international experts from the scientific, politics and industry world asked several questions and then proceeded to the final evaluation.

The solution proposed by Dr Idini, that aims to make water rich in fluoride suitable for drinking, came first in its "Challenge" and second best among all the solutions presented to global problems of water management. Dr Idini’s solution was chosen for being economic, efficient and based on very simple technologies, and therefore applicable in difficult environmental contexts, such as rural areas of the East African Rift Valley (FLOWERED study area).

The closing ceremony of Korea International Water Week 2018, which was broadcast live on Korean television, was held on 14 September. Dr. Idini was awarded and received the trophy of the event.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°690378